One of three companies in the country making theatre that matters.
— The New York Times

collaborations with
Rude Mechanicals

Since 1995, Rude Mechs, an ensemble-based theatre collective from Austin, TX, has created a genre-averse slate of original theatrical productions peppered with big ideas, cheap laughs, and dizzying spectacle, receiving over 180 local and national awards and nominations for their work. 

A company member since 2003, Graham has scored numerous productions for the critically-acclaimed collective, from sound design and a piano score for The Method Gun (2011) to a sci-fi theremin filled score for Requiem for Tesla (2016). Others include the Yale Repertory Commission Field Guide (2016), Stop Hitting Yourself (2014), which premiered at Lincoln Center Theater, as well as: From the Pig Pile: The Requisite Gesture(s) of Narrow Approach (2014), River of Gruel (2013), Stadium Devildare (2004), and Motherbone (2003).