The Trio mixes the improvisation of jazz with classical elegance and a touch of the straightforward beats and melodic hooks favored by poppier ensembles... Reynolds has stunned fans with a variety of breathtaking performances.
— Kansas City Pitch Weekly
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Golden Arm Trio

Amidst consistent scoring work, Reynolds has continued to perform live with his most personal works as a composer, bandleader, and improviser. With the jazz-based but far reaching Golden Arm Trio, Reynolds has repeatedly toured the country and released four critically acclaimed albums. Beyond a consistent presence in Austin, the annual workshop series at Dive Bar, and seventeen straight years at SXSW, their tours took them to clubs and venues throughout the country, including The Kennedy Center, The Knitting Factory, Chicago Arts Center, and Spaceland. Through it all, this ensemble has been at the core of Graham’s work.  

As the sole constant member in its twenty year history, he serves as bandleader for this ever-evolving group. Utah Hamrick & Jeremy Bruch currently complete the trio, but past members of Golden Arm Trio include: Erik “The Butcher” Grostic, Oliver Eclinara, Smokey Joe Miller, Boaz Martin. As told by The Austin Chronicle, “Although the trio designation would lead you to believe otherwise, this forever fluctuating collective is really more of an expansive outlet for vanguard pianist/percussionist Graham Reynolds to explore a variety of musical tangents… Jazz is the closest genre you can tie this music to, yet the Trio’s sometimes discordant intensity leans more toward experimental fringe-dwellers like John Cage and Raymond Scott.”