the participation in the production of so many different kinds of people – ages, races, genders, personalities – built a sense of communal celebration in that place and time, a party, with Graham Reynolds’ rocking score making every sequence festive.
— the austin chronicle
Forklift Danceworks Trash Project
Forklift Danceworks Bartholomew Swims
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collaborations with
forklift danceworks

Twenty dancing trash trucks on an old airport tarmac, 200 two-steppers in front of the state capital, and a traffic cop’s daily motions carved into an intimate solo piece. These are just a few of Graham’s collaborations with Forklift Danceworks. Founded in 2001 by Artistic Director Allison Orr, award-winning Austin-based Forklift Danceworks presents innovative performance projects with diverse communities.

Graham has provided live scoring for numerous collaborations with Orr and Associate Choreographer Krissie Marty, including: Dove Springs Swims / Nadamos Dove Springs (2018) with neighborhood residents, Served (2017) at Williams College, Bartholomew Swims (2017) with City of Austin Aquatic staff, RE Source (2016) with the employees and machinery of Goodwill, The Trees of Govalle (2015) at the local park, Playball Kyoto with the Japanese Women’s Professional Baseball League (2014), PowerUP (2013) with City of Austin Energy Linemen, Solo Symphony (2012) featuring Austin Symphony Orchestra’s Peter Bay, T is for: Two Hundred Two-Steppers on the Steps of the Texas State Capital (2010), commissioned by Fusebox Festival, The Traffic Maven (2010), and The Trash Project (2009), as well as the feature film about the project, Trash Dance (2012), which won awards at both Full Frame and AFI/Silver Docs.